Publication Day!


So the day is finally here, today Dare to Dream Again is now like on kindle for download.

For three young women the outbreak of the Second World War offers many different opportunities.
Vivacious Maureen loves to be loved, but as one of five children finds the family home far too chaotic. Put off by the thought of the strict women’s services she promptly signs up to become a land girl, but will life in the quiet countryside suit this wild young woman and will she ever understand the feeling of true love?
Rose is quiet and well mannered, brought up primarily by her overbearing mother she has always done as she was told, that is until she finally rebels and joins the ATS as a driver. Leaving her mother behind horrified and frustrated, Rose will face worse than her mother’s wrath!
Lily is a devoted girlfriend, unable to bear being left behind when her boyfriend joins the army she signs up for the WAAF to play her role in the war, but will it pose to many challenges for her, and can their relationship survive its many trials?
Each girl must face the war head on and deal with what it throws at them as they learn to love, laugh and to lose.

(Full Length Novel Approx 98,000 Words)

Available now for download £5.15 UK or $8.18 US

I hope you all enjoy!

Eilise xxx

Rank 962 in Free Kindle Store!

Hey all,

Well I’ve had a wonderful response so far to my July Giveaway so much so that my first short story, ‘The Strength of a Promise’ has rocketed to 962 in the Free in Kindle Store ranks which has made my day. But with 36 more hours to go of my 2 day giveaway could it possibly reach the to 100?!!! If you haven’t already got your copy and are interested in having a read then you will find any of my short stories for free at the moment here.

Happy reading all!

Eilise xxx

July Giveaway!

Hey strangers!

Yes I’m an awful blogger I know I hang my head in shame and apologize profusely for my absence yet again! But I’m happy to tell you that I’ve written 25,000 words towards my next novel this month so I have been keeping busy 🙂

The even better news is I’ve popped by to let you all know that for the first two days of July (my birthday month) I’ve decided to do a massive giveaway of all my short stories so at midnight tonight get yourselves over to amazon and get downloading! Find my listings here.

I’ll be back here tomorrow, don’t forget to tell all of your friends and family so that they don’t mis out on the offer.

See ya again soon,

Eilise xxx

Historical Short Story Collection.

Hey guys sorry as always, I’m useless at updating things but the good news is that my five short stories that I’ve published on kindle over the past few months are now available as a complete collection, basically by buying this you’ll get one story free! 🙂

Historical Short Story Collection

A collection of five historical short stories including:

The Strength of a Promise.
A wartime romance between an RAF pilot and a young WAAF. The turbulence of war threw them together in an unexpected whirlwind romance but it could just as easily separate them forever. Read about the night that holds their entire future in limbo, what will the dawn of the following day bring?

An emotional short story based on the largest coal mining disaster in Britain. On the 14th of October 1913 there were several explosions throughout the Senghenydd mine in Glamorgan, South Wales.
This short story recounts one woman’s experience of waiting for news of her husband and two sons who were working down the mine at the time of the accident.

No Possible Future?
Set in 1937 Soviet Russia.
When Iosif is dragged from his family home in the dead of night he loses everything, sent to a hard labour camp in Siberia he cannot contemplate a future. Day by day he witnesses the devastating affect the camp has on inmates and the rare likelihood that anyone will survive their sentence to have a future outside of the camp once more. Can anything make him consider any kind of future again?

Blossoming Love.
A short story of young love during the 1930’s, this story shows a snippet in time of the beginning of a relationship between Lily and Peter.
This short story is an introduction to Lily one of the main characters in Eilise Burrows’ soon to be released debut novel ‘Dare to Dream Again.’

Scared to Love.
During the turbulent years of the Second World War young women everywhere are falling for men in uniform but this is the last thing Edna Sinclair plans on doing as she mourns the death of her elder brother Richard. When childhood friend Joseph Walsh returns home on leave he tries his very hardest to help Edna realize that it can be worth risking everything for love but can he convince her to break the biggest promise she ever made to herself?

The collection is available for £2.56 for my UK friends or $4.11 for all my lovely readers in the US.

So what can I say other than happy reading and enjoy that free story!

Bye for now, after a busy hot few days at work I am finally off for my first bit of chocolate I’ve allowed myself all week! Yum I can’t wait, dark chocolate with salted caramel 🙂

Eilise xx

Successful Weekend Giveaway

Hi all!

I just wanted to give you all a big thank you for the support with my short story giveaway yesterday. In total I had just over 300 downloads of my short story which was way beyond anything I had ever imagined. So thank you, I hope you all enjoyed the read and will considering leaving a review on amazon if you feel so inclined. I am in the process of publishing my second short story ‘No Possible Future?’ on Kindle and will be available as of Monday 5th March. I hope if you enjoyed ‘The Strength of a Promise’ you will have a read of my new release.

Thanks again,

Eilise xx


I’ve been beavering away all day promoting my short story giveaway on kindle and have now hit the 100 downloads and am passing by the 110! Don’t think I’ve been this excited in ages, and the good news is I’ve been editing my novel all day too so hopefully that will be up on kindle in a month.

Thanks to all who have downloaded a copy of ‘The Strength of a Promise’, and don’t worry if you haven’t got your copy yet there’s still 6 hours to go on the free giveaway so get your copy here! Please remember to tell your friends and leave a review if you get a chance. 😀

Eilise xxx

Free Saturday Giveaway!

It’s the day for it! Go grab you free copy of ‘The Strength of a Promise’ today only! Follow this link to get downloading at amazon. Happy reading and I would welcome any constructive criticism as it will also help towards my book 🙂

Have a good day!

Eilise xxx

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