Denying the cold

I know shocking I’ve actually been around two days in a row, well it’s part of my plan to get on with things a little more now that winter and dark evenings are on their way.
Unfortunately along with those peaceful evenings the usual winter cold has started to rear it’s head today in the form of a sore throat and far too much sneezing! So I’ve been consuming copious amounts of lemon and ginger tea with lashing of honey to try and ease off the sore throat. Anyone have any lovely remedies they find that work on a cold, I am determined not to let this one slow me down now 🙂
Morning off work tomorrow so am going to begging writing my next short story, Christmas in the south Wales mining valley am looking forward to writing this one a lot!
Night for now I’m off to hide under a blanket and maybe have an early night.
Eilise xxx