Getting back in the swing of things.

Hey all!

Well huge, HUGE apologies for my very long absence so much happened before Christmas that I had to cut back on a few things just for a while so that I stayed sane and unfortunately the blog was one of the sacrifices but I’m happy to say things are settling down again now and I’m keen to get on with my writing again so I thought I’d pop in and update you all on what’s been happening.

It all began going a little crazy when my mum was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer last October,  it all happened so quickly it was only 3 weeks between her finding the lump and being diagnosed so it was a bit like being hit by a bus if I’m honest. There were days afterwards when it seemed like I spent every minute telling people the news, in a way I suppose it helped to make sure I kept talking about what was happening so that there was no opportunity for me to try and ignore it but some days when I was struggling anyway it almost broke me to keep being reminded. The first thing I did after my parents came into town and told me was go into see my employers so that they knew what was happening and could let my colleagues know as I’d already been a little out of sorts whilst we waited for mum to get her results anyway. Of course being the first time I’d actually had to say it I burst into tears but also seeing the look of terror on my boss’ face made me laugh poor man was petrified!

We had to wait two weeks for any more information on how bad the situation was and it was so strange the whole family was in limbo. I felt so useless as there was nothing I could do to help her and yet all I wanted to do was somehow stop it all happening and to save her from what she was about to go through. Six weeks after diagnosis and mum was in hospital for her mastectomy, the hospital she was at were truly amazing and had such an amazing ward where she stayed for a week, I can’t thank the lovely staff enough for how much they looked after her and talked to her honestly about what was happening I think it really helped her. I managed to visit her on the weekend just after her operation  I was shocked to see her up and walking around the ward it was a huge relief. But even so it was hard to take it in she looked so tired and obviously in some pain. Our mum’s are always such strong figures in our lives and my mum most definitely has been in mine, seeing her in such a vulnerable state scared me stupid!

The doctors had said that they hoped by opting for a mastectomy as mum had that she would avoid the need for any post operation treatment such as chemo or radiotherapy but a couple of days after her op we found out that there would actually be a need for chemo after all and we all took it quite hard, we’d been far too hopeful that once the op was over that that would be it and she’d be on the road to recovery.

She is now a third of the way through her course of chemo and doing amazingly well, there was a slight hiccup a week or two ago when she went down with a viral infection after her immune system crashed but after a week in hospital she was back home. She has been amazingly strong and positive all the way through the whole process it’s truly amazing to see, it also opens your eyes to what you have and that you should make the most of the time you have, these things can rear their ugly heads so suddenly that we may not have as much time as we think. So let it be a lesson to us all, get on and enjoy life!

On that note I’ve been back looking at my writing again after a bit of time away, I’ve decided to make my current publications available on other platforms other than just Kindle where it is at the moment so keep your eyes peeled as hopefully it will be appearing in the kobo and nook stores very soon!

I’m also fishing out the project that got put on hold when everything started last year, it’s a modern romance with a military streak in it and I’m quite excited to get back into the story so I will keep you posted on my progress with that. 🙂

So how are you all, what have you all been up to? Did you have a good holiday season and were there any wacky new years promises and if so are they being kept?

Well it’s good to be back, here’s hoping for a calmer couple of months now!

Eilise xx

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mizhenka
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 22:12:55

    I’m sorry to hear this, but I hope your mum is doing well. It’s great to hear she’s remaining strong and positive – my nanna took the same approach and didn’t like it when people were sad and miserable about it.

    I’m glad to hear you’re still writing. Looking through my Kindle just now, I came across your stories and wondered if you’d written anything since I last checked in on your blog and Twitter (I deleted my account, and then joined again and forgot who I’d been following) – and it seems you now have a novel! Amazing – I shall definitely purchase it soon.


    • eiliseburrows
      Mar 11, 2013 @ 22:31:43

      Hey, thanks mum’s getting there slowly it’s a long process and she’s up and down. Really difficult as she feels fine one day then is back in hospital the next so there’s no guessing from one day to the next!
      I hope you enjoy the novel I’d be very interested in hearing what you think at some point. Hope you’re well 🙂


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