“…written from the heart.”

Hey guys!

Well what can I say other than horrible, awful week! That was until this little spark of joy brought me back from the darkness, a 5* amazon review for my short story Senghenydd.

The 14th October 1913 is a date that should be burned into the national consciousness just as is the sinking of the Titanic. On this day 440 men lost their lives in an explosion in the Universal Colliery Senghenydd, an event that graphically underlined the human cost of coal. Hardly a household in the village was left untouched. This short and moving account as seen through the eyes of one of the survivors should be compulsory reading. It is certainly compulsive and obviously written from the heart. Thankyou and well done Elise for Senghenydd (Historical Short Story)


To the writer of the review, whoever you are, I would really like to say thank you! After a very long and tearful week this really put a smile on my face. To all of my readers, thank you so much for your continued support.

Eilise xxx

99 Years

Today marks 99 years since the worst coal mining disaster Britain has seen, on the 14th of October 1913 439 lives were taken when there was a series of explosions that ran through the underground mines at Universal Colliery, Senghenydd. It took weeks to recover the bodies of those men and the entire town spent endless weeks in mourning for their lost loved ones.
Almost a century has now past and we still remember those lives that were so tragically lost that day. In an attempt to keep their memory alive and to remind generations to come here is the short story I wrote about that fateful day.

Eilise xxx

Denying the cold

I know shocking I’ve actually been around two days in a row, well it’s part of my plan to get on with things a little more now that winter and dark evenings are on their way.
Unfortunately along with those peaceful evenings the usual winter cold has started to rear it’s head today in the form of a sore throat and far too much sneezing! So I’ve been consuming copious amounts of lemon and ginger tea with lashing of honey to try and ease off the sore throat. Anyone have any lovely remedies they find that work on a cold, I am determined not to let this one slow me down now 🙂
Morning off work tomorrow so am going to begging writing my next short story, Christmas in the south Wales mining valley am looking forward to writing this one a lot!
Night for now I’m off to hide under a blanket and maybe have an early night.
Eilise xxx

Edit, write and flap!

Hey all!

So as I mentioned in my previous post I’ve been keeping pretty busy the last couple of months, work has been busy with a last rush of late summer visitors, I’m still editing my novel which I am determined to get out by the end of the year but am tempted to send to a professional editor to get checked over before it’s published so that it’s squeaky clean 🙂 But along with editing I am desperate to start my new project based around my short story Senghenydd so I am also swatting up on the history of the South Wales mining communities during the early 1900’s. I am thoroughly enjoying doing some research again but have on occasion found myself in a bit of a flap when trying to do everything at once, so this evening I’ve taken a step back and realised to move forward I need to stop rushing around panicking as I’d probably get far more done then so tonight is the start of that by popping in here to update you all.

So keep popping by as I will be popping in more often with updates and mutterings 🙂

Night for now!

Eilise xxx


Sick Kids Save Point

Hey Guys!

Back again, I’ve been up to all sorts over the last few weeks which has kept me suitable busy.

But today I thought I’d just pop in and mention my wonderful friend Graham who is next weekend participating in Sick Kids Save Point a 24 hour video gaming marathon for The Sick Kids Friends Foundation. 

The foundation supports the work of the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh. The Hospital receives over 100,000 children through its doors each year from all over the country.

Donations help provide:

* Extra comforts, which make time in hospital better for children
* Facilities
* Extra medical equipment
* Support for sick children who are cared for in the Community
* Funding for extra training and research


So please consider donating even just ÂŁ1 as every little bit helps make these poor little guys’ stay in hospital better, to donate visit his JustGiving site.

Thanks so much you are all stars!

Eilise xx