Historical Short Story Collection.

Hey guys sorry as always, I’m useless at updating things but the good news is that my five short stories that I’ve published on kindle over the past few months are now available as a complete collection, basically by buying this you’ll get one story free! 🙂

Historical Short Story Collection

A collection of five historical short stories including:

The Strength of a Promise.
A wartime romance between an RAF pilot and a young WAAF. The turbulence of war threw them together in an unexpected whirlwind romance but it could just as easily separate them forever. Read about the night that holds their entire future in limbo, what will the dawn of the following day bring?

An emotional short story based on the largest coal mining disaster in Britain. On the 14th of October 1913 there were several explosions throughout the Senghenydd mine in Glamorgan, South Wales.
This short story recounts one woman’s experience of waiting for news of her husband and two sons who were working down the mine at the time of the accident.

No Possible Future?
Set in 1937 Soviet Russia.
When Iosif is dragged from his family home in the dead of night he loses everything, sent to a hard labour camp in Siberia he cannot contemplate a future. Day by day he witnesses the devastating affect the camp has on inmates and the rare likelihood that anyone will survive their sentence to have a future outside of the camp once more. Can anything make him consider any kind of future again?

Blossoming Love.
A short story of young love during the 1930’s, this story shows a snippet in time of the beginning of a relationship between Lily and Peter.
This short story is an introduction to Lily one of the main characters in Eilise Burrows’ soon to be released debut novel ‘Dare to Dream Again.’

Scared to Love.
During the turbulent years of the Second World War young women everywhere are falling for men in uniform but this is the last thing Edna Sinclair plans on doing as she mourns the death of her elder brother Richard. When childhood friend Joseph Walsh returns home on leave he tries his very hardest to help Edna realize that it can be worth risking everything for love but can he convince her to break the biggest promise she ever made to herself?

The collection is available for £2.56 for my UK friends or $4.11 for all my lovely readers in the US.

So what can I say other than happy reading and enjoy that free story!

Bye for now, after a busy hot few days at work I am finally off for my first bit of chocolate I’ve allowed myself all week! Yum I can’t wait, dark chocolate with salted caramel 🙂

Eilise xx


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