Fleeting Visit

Just a quick one today, work turned chaotic as we ended up short-staffed so long day there.
Have spent the afternoon preparing questions for tomorrows interview with some of the towns folk as I’m trying to build a collection of memoirs of town life so am looking forward to that 🙂
Hope everyone’s had a good Tuesday, back soon.
Eilise xx

Oh Mondays!

Tell me why are they so painful? Seemed to be behind from the moment I got up today and have never caught up since. Endless washing up and food at the cafe today, very strange kind of day for a Monday! Started with a knock on the door from the postman, flew down the stairs really excited thinking the present for my mum had arrived but alas no. Turns out I accidentally had it delivered to my parents address! Oops, mum said ‘would you like me to open it and check it’s alright?’ My reaction, ‘No, No!’ Hope she didn’t think I was just being nasty 🙂

The other gutting thing about today was that it’s my longest shift at the cafe and I spent all day desperate to be at home editing my book. Oh well never mind 🙂 Can’t say I’m sorry to see the end of the day, have sat down with a glass of wine to write this then I’m off for a read of Ben Hatch’s ‘Are We Nearly There Yet’, am loving it so far, definitely worth a read, you can get your kindle copy here.

So good night all, hopefully be back tomorrow for an update.

Eilise xx

(Thanks to my new followers by the way 😀 )

New Short Story!

Hi again,

So after the great success of my short story giveaway yesterday I spent all day getting another short story up on kindle in between more editing of my novel. So if you fancy a read of ‘No Possible Future?’ then get your copy here! It is set in 1937 Soviet Russia and tells the tale of the arrest and of a young man called Iosef and his experience of a labor camp in Siberia.

I hope you enjoy!

Eilise xx

Successful Weekend Giveaway

Hi all!

I just wanted to give you all a big thank you for the support with my short story giveaway yesterday. In total I had just over 300 downloads of my short story which was way beyond anything I had ever imagined. So thank you, I hope you all enjoyed the read and will considering leaving a review on amazon if you feel so inclined. I am in the process of publishing my second short story ‘No Possible Future?’ on Kindle and will be available as of Monday 5th March. I hope if you enjoyed ‘The Strength of a Promise’ you will have a read of my new release.

Thanks again,

Eilise xx


I’ve been beavering away all day promoting my short story giveaway on kindle and have now hit the 100 downloads and am passing by the 110! Don’t think I’ve been this excited in ages, and the good news is I’ve been editing my novel all day too so hopefully that will be up on kindle in a month.

Thanks to all who have downloaded a copy of ‘The Strength of a Promise’, and don’t worry if you haven’t got your copy yet there’s still 6 hours to go on the free giveaway so get your copy here! Please remember to tell your friends and leave a review if you get a chance. 😀

Eilise xxx

Free Saturday Giveaway!

It’s the day for it! Go grab you free copy of ‘The Strength of a Promise’ today only! Follow this link to get downloading at amazon. Happy reading and I would welcome any constructive criticism as it will also help towards my book 🙂

Have a good day!

Eilise xxx

Weekend Giveaway!

Hi guys!

I’m pleased to tell you that this Saturday ( March 3 2012) my short story ‘The Strength of a Promise’ will be available for free download on amazon so please pop over and grab yourself a copy to read on your kindle or kindle app :), get your copy here! I will remind you again on Saturday, don’t want anyone to miss the first giveaway!

I hope you’ve all had a good week, the cafe has been mayhem it seems to have suddenly got busy again, didn’t even realize we had that many people around town! Does anyone have any nice plans for the weekend?

Anyway off I go to get some dinner, don’t forget to grab your free short story on Saturday 🙂

Eilise xx